Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

While you are using shoppingme.pk we assume that you agree to the terms and conditions of the site. We have our own privacy policy, return or refund policy and terms and conditions prescribed for our customers. It is recommended to read the terms and conditions before you start using our site.

Introduction to Terms and Conditions

  1. Word “we” and “us” refers to the site “shoppingme.pk”. Shoppingme.pk is the online shopping store with you can buy the products provided by various vendors of amazon. You are required to comply with the terms and conditions or the user argument developed by us. 

  2. The agreement is customers oriented and designed for the protection of the consumers right so you can enjoy online shopping with confidence.

  3. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions provided by us, you cannot register your account and cannot shop with us. 

  4. We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions document or change, add or remove any of its portion without prior notice. The modified terms and conditions will be uploaded in the relevant section on the website and there might be no notification provided for the modification. It is, therefore, recommended to visit the page often and check for the updates. Our regular customers should be updated with the changes in the policy. We assume that you are updated and aware of the policy. 

Account Creation Policy

  1. Our customers are required to have an account on the site. They can create the account by providing the necessary personal information. The creation of account cannot be successful without providing username, email, password, contact number and address to deliver the order. After completing account creation, you can place the order.

  2. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and correct information. The information will be used to access you and contact you if you place an order. Make sure the addresses and contact numbers are not fake.

  3. Invalid email or password on several tries might cause loss of account and you need to register again with a new username. 

  4. It is your responsibility to secure your account by not providing the password or account details to anyone. You should be changing the password often.

  5. We take all the steps to keep your account secure and prevent misuse of the information. We do not share private information of our customers with the third party or advertisers. 

  6. In case of any misuse or miscellaneous use of the account, you are requested to inform us immediately. Let us know in case your password has become known to anyone.

  7. We are not responsible of any loss due to the password become known to anyone.

Privacy Policy

  1. We value our customers. We maintain the confidentiality of the customers’ information and do not provide the data in any case. Your information is only used for our archive and for your shopping assistance. If you have any objection or doubt about sharing of information, please do not shop here. 

Customers’ Responsibility


  1. It is your responsibility to not engage in any offensive or illegal activity. You should not be engaged in any activity that potentially harm the website, the team, employees, representatives or any stakeholder. 

  2. Action will be taken in case of any interruption or damage to the site or the team. The electronic and on call communications are being recorded for the quality purpose and you should be aware of that that strict action will be taken against you and you will not be banned for using this site. 

  3. Legal action will be taken for fraud, scam or criminal activity.

  4. Harassment, blasphemy, defamation, obscenity, pornography, abuse or other ethically or morally objectionable act will not be tolerated.