CICI&SISI 3 Mist Spray+3 Dropper+3 Roll-On Empty Glass Bottles Refillable Container 0.36 Ounce/9 Bottles Set


  • Product Code : B00UAFM0N0
  • Weight : 0.75 Pounds
  • Category : Amazon

Product Details

Mist Spray Bottle

To use: Take out the cap and then press the head. Various liquid products such as perfume, toner, makeup remover, hair spray, DIY essence etc. can be applied.

Roll-On Bottle

To use: Take out the top cap, and then roll your skin along the direction of the roller ball (exclusive use recommended). The roller ball is good for facial acupoints.

Dropper Bottle

To use: Twist off the bottle, and squeeze the dropper top. It can be applied to precise blending of different liquid.

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