Jumbo Toy Hammock - Organize stuffed animals or children s toys with the mesh hammock. Looks great with any décor while neatly organizing kid s toys and stuffed animals. Expands to 5.5 feet - White


  • Product Code : B00F3JZY1S
  • Weight : 0.40 Pounds
  • Category : Amazon

Product Details

Children s stuffed animals can easily take over their bed, bedroom, and playroom, so parents need an easy storage solution. The Jumbo Toy Hammock is a novel toy way to hold and organize kids toys, pillows, stuffed animals, and other items, in an attractive way that becomes part of the décor. You can also use it in the bathroom to store bathtub toys, giving them a unique way to drain and dry out until their next use. The white mesh material is durable enough to hold 30 or more items at a time. Just string it across a corner, like over their bed where little ones will enjoy having their stuffed animal friends close, or along any wall where they provide a colorful decoration. It s easy to attach to any wall with the hook hardware included or use adhesive wall strips. The elastic binding can expand up to 5.5 feet. Because of our mesh construction, kids and parents can see all the toys that live in the hammock, making it easy to choose which ones will come out to play. It s also easy to store them again when playtime is over, encouraging kids to help with the clean-up.

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