Gas-X Antigas, Extra Strength, 125 mg, 72 Softgels

  • Product Code : GASI12
  • Weight : 0.35 Pounds
  • Brand : Gas-X
  • Price : 8470 6153 PKR

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Product Details

  • Gas-X relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort in minutes! Quickly rescuing you from embarrassing situations. Nothing works faster.
  • Soft Gels have a liquid center wrapped in a smooth gel coating that s easy to swallow.
  • Gas-X is the #1 doctor recommended gas relief brand.
  • Gas-X relief is available in 3 strengths: 80mg (Regular Strength), 125mg (Extra Strength) and 180mg (Ultra Strength).
  • It also comes in 3 forms: Chewables, Soft Gels and Thin Strips. Pick the one that s best for you.