Prince lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillow - 4 Count

  • Product Code : SME-4370
  • Weight : 0.70 Pounds
  • Price : 11736 PKR

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Product Details

Keep Baby s wipes fresh and moist with this set of 4 Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows. For use with the Ultimate Wipes Warmer by Prince Lionheart (sold separately), each replacement pillow provides 3 months of the freshest wipes for your baby. Pillows feature a worldwide patent-pending system that works 3 ways: Helps keep your wipes the freshest they can be to soothe Baby s delicate skin; keeps wipes moist by an evaporation and condensation process; and micropores in the pillow trap release water as needed to maintain wipes moisture content. The result is moist wipes and little or no discoloration caused when wipes are warmed. Both the Ultimate Wipes Warmer s tub and the Ever-Fresh pillow are treated with an EPA-approved additive to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may cause spoilage, odors and mildew. Imported.