Placemat,Creative Dining Insulation Heat Stain Resistant anti-skid eat mats in Room for Kitchen table (Set of 4)

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  • Weight : 0.74 Pounds
  • Price : 5011 PKR

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Product Details

  • Material:PVC(70%PVC,30%POLYSTER)
  • In order to color PVC coated high-strength polyester filament
  • size:30*45cm (conventional specifications, other special specifications can be customized)
  • Characteristics:Bright colors, wear resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, uv resistance, non-toxic, etc. Conservation:Please use the ordinary under 70 ℃
  • water and detergent used cloth to remove stains, wipe dry wash again, put the shade to dry can. Do not use steel wire ball hard objects such as cleaning